Upcoming Flash Music Video

2013-02-25 20:44:04 by AntiClockClock

I am soon to post a music video I have been working on for the past few weeks. In attempts to enter a contest with high stakes. I am one of the few who is utilizing flash as my media format of choice. However there is a catch... The video is not going to be posted on Newgrounds. The video is only allowed to be posted on youtube due to the fact that if the video is selected as the winning submission the band hosting the contest owns all rights to the content. Newgrounds is my original home for releasing my artistic and imaginative abilities. I now have a family so time is very limited on staying an active member of the community. I would appreciate everyones help in getting my video submission selected by getting the word out to as many people as you possibly can. Winner is selected based on views. More details to come when I release the video early this week.

Thanks All!


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