2012 Submissions

Star Wars in 30 seconds 2 Star Wars in 30 seconds 2 Rated Stars This is a BETA!!! Enter My Mind Enter My Mind Rated Stars I made this while thinking about a whole bunch of different things... Nonsense Nonsense Rated Stars A nonsense video for the popular NG song Wade told us about "nonsense" Monsters Monsters Rated Stars A tale about 2 monsters who try and scare kids but are afraid of them as well! Todd & Dan - Pooping Todd & Dan - Pooping Rated Stars Todd & Dan argue over the restroom and Dan gets annoyed for being rushed by Todd. Join Me In Death Join Me In Death Rated Stars A music video by HIM - Join me in Death AntiClockClock Confession AntiClockClock Confession Rated Stars Seems there is quite a few people making confessions except for me, now is my time... iPod Parody iPod Parody Rated Stars A short frame by frame parody of those iPod commericials with some nonunderstandable music AntiClockClock Engagement AntiClockClock Engagement Rated Stars I just proposed November 23, 2004 - this is a short movie on what kinda happened. Todd & Dan - Dating Shows Todd & Dan - Dating Shows Rated Stars Todd & Dan discuss lame ass dating shows and milf's. I Cant Stop Raving I Cant Stop Raving Rated Stars Dramatic music video for the song "I cant stop raving" by Dune. Deadly Escape Deadly Escape Rated Stars Lemmings meets Xaio Xaio in this escape to the exit! World Keeps Turning World Keeps Turning Rated Stars Music video for "As The World Turns" by Eminem with a hyped up beat! - Roses Sequel? Todd & Dan - The Election Todd & Dan - The Election Rated Stars Todd & Dan discuss the election and the results! Magic Tricks (Stopmotion) Magic Tricks (Stopmotion) Rated Stars 25 different magic tricks made in stopmotion style! Cryptie Cryptie Rated Stars Remember Mikey? Say hello to the newest person in search for love online! Todd & Dan - King of Clay Todd & Dan - King of Clay Rated Stars A day in the life of Todd & Dan - In this episode people chat about the "king of clay". Todd & Dan - NG BBS Users Todd & Dan - NG BBS Users Rated Stars A day in the life of Todd & Dan - In this episode Todd talks about how great the NG BBS is ventile chico chupa ventile chico chupa Rated Stars Originally titled Attack of the Fanboys - it now has a spanish alternative name! Enjoy! Superman Died - Rap Video Superman Died - Rap Video Rated Stars This is a tribute to Christopher Reeves who died today - October 11, 2004 The Failures - Episode 2½ The Failures - Episode 2½ Rated Stars This isn't exactly episode 3 of The Failures, but we are getting there... Tommy Little Video 1 Tommy Little Video 1 Rated Stars Tommy Little introduces his instructional video - "Laugh Like Grandma"! Chuckles Chuckles Rated Stars This is a spooky movie about a child and his gift he recieved from his deceased grandma. Other Goonies Fukt Up 2 Goonies Fukt Up 2 Rated Stars The Long-Awaited sequel is here! I know its been just about a year since the original. The Failures - Episode 2 The Failures - Episode 2 Rated Stars The Failures - Episode 2 "Noobs & Hoodies" The Failures - Episode 1 The Failures - Episode 1 Rated Stars The Failures - Episode 1 "Who are we and what are THEY doing here?" Dynomite Dynomite Rated Stars This is a music video for "Ima Robot" lipsynced and played by ME! Mustache TV Mustache TV Rated Stars Everyone has seen those cheezy little TV advertisements, heres one I thought of! The AntiClockClock Show 2 The AntiClockClock Show 2 Rated Stars The AntiClockClock Show! Featuring ACC's favorite reviews from "Jedi In Training"! Jedi In Training Jedi In Training Rated Stars This is a recording of a regular guy wanting to show off his awesome jedi moves! Retard Rescue Force Retard Rescue Force Rated Stars A movie where 2 rescue force idiots come together to save the world! Pokémon: Unseen Episode Pokémon: Unseen Episode Rated Stars Grizzly Bear: The least popular of the Pokémon. I wonder why? Comedy - Parody White Nose Green Thumb White Nose Green Thumb Rated Stars A music video about going from a druggie to a gardener. Be influenced. The AntiClockClock Show The AntiClockClock Show Rated Stars The AntiClockClock Show! Featuring ACC's favorite reviews from "Best Guitarist Ever"! Best Guitarist Ever Best Guitarist Ever Rated Stars A fun little music video featuring the best guitarist ever! Passion - Rap Video Passion - Rap Video Rated Stars Another music video by AntiClockClock about shit thats just fucked up! A Simple Line 5 A Simple Line 5 Rated Stars A Simple Line 5 Other Retardobot - Jox Retardobot - Jox Rated Stars A frame-by-frame (sorta) video for Retard-O-Bot! 2 stop/livemotions in 1 2 stop/livemotions in 1 Rated Stars 2 short stop-motion movies in 1! AntiClockClock Prank 4 AntiClockClock Prank 4 Rated Stars Arnold is back! In AntiClockClock's 4th prank call! Beavis&Butthead Meets DBZ Beavis&Butthead Meets DBZ Rated Stars What happens when Beavis & Butthead meets Dragon Ball Z? Comedy - Parody Computer Music Computer Music Rated Stars Music made from the Computer! Roses Roses Rated Stars LOTS OF FUN!!! OUTKAST - ROSES! Life Lessons 1-4 (Clay) Life Lessons 1-4 (Clay) Rated Stars A compilation of my Life Lessons series all in one! Foamy Uncensored Foamy Uncensored Rated Stars Weither you love him or you hate him AntiClockClock and Xeon bring you FOAMY UNCENSORED! Comedy - Parody Strawberrys Drive 2(clay) Strawberrys Drive 2(clay) Rated Stars Turd Clock plots to get back at Strawberry Clock! Strawberry's Drive (Clay) Strawberry's Drive (Clay) Rated Stars Orange clock comes to warn Turd Clock about Strawberry Clock getting his license.. Comedy - Original Xtrem FrameByFrame Sk8ing Xtrem FrameByFrame Sk8ing Rated Stars AntiClockClock brings you Extreme Frame by Frame skateboarding. Arnold & Sylvester Clash Arnold & Sylvester Clash Rated Stars This is the clash of the macho men, Arnold and Sylvester! Life Lessons 4 Life Lessons 4 Rated Stars A short clay series informing you how you can make the world a better place! AntiClockClock Prank 3 AntiClockClock Prank 3 Rated Stars AntiClockClock and Emilio Estevez call the bar! AntiClockClock Prank 2 AntiClockClock Prank 2 Rated Stars AntiClockClock makes a prank with an Arnold soundboard! AntiClockClock Prank 1 AntiClockClock Prank 1 Rated Stars AntiClockClock makes a prank call using an arnold soundboard! Teh Pron Teh Pron Rated Stars A clay porn film!! Comedy - Original